The Meaning of 5774

L’Shana Tova! 

It is almost difficult to believe that Rosh Hashana, the head of the Jewish year, is already upon us.  Usually, we don’t celebrate this holiday for another couple of weeks, but this year everything will be coming quite early. With school yet to start, summer coming to a close, a baby on the way and much to do in the next weeks, timing actually feels perfect.

So as I began preparing for the conclusion of this year and the beginning of the next, I couldn’t help but seek out some inspiration. I know that for me personally, one of the biggest shifts of my life is about to take place – so where else could I turn but to some good old Gematria??

Recognizing that words often have more meaning than their face value, Gematria is an ancient system of applying numeric value to letters (and words), providing a deeper understanding to that which we are looking at.

So, why not take a look at the number 5774?

To find the value of any word or number, we first must break our digits into the smallest form.

5+7+7+4=23 (=5)

The way Gematria works, is that once we have our numeric value (23/5) we are given a list of words to understand what types of energies this (these) numbers carry.

Here are some of the stand out ones that I found:

5774 terms

Looking at this list, we can see that this will be a year of SERIOUS passion.

  • WHERE? WHERE NOW?:  What I am gathering from this phrase being apart of our number in question is – ARE WE WHERE WE SHOULD BE?   Have we/Will we take the time this holiday season to seriously assess our lives and look at what work we are doing in the world?  Are we willing to be honest with ourselves and ask the question stated above?  As well as, what direction am I moving in?  Am I moving at all? Or am I resisting change?
  • SHOUT OF: I’m intrigued that there is a word in Hebrew that means to either ‘shout of joy’ AND ‘war-cry’.  We see this in a few words in the Hebrew language that extreme emotions can mean dual opposites in one word.   This could represent a year of extreme joy and bliss for many – while some are still suck in the ravages of war.  Syria perhaps?
  • TO BIND: In standard numerology, the number 5 often represents a culmination of life’s experiences bringing us to our next level of accomplishment or opportunity.   This year, we are given the chance to take all the pieces we have accumulated over the last years and put them to use.   We already have the tools – but are we using them?  This is also a year to do what we’ve been wanting to, but feeling like we are limited in resources.   As seen here, we have all we need.
  • A SIN: How lucky are we!  Why would this phrase show up this year? I am tempted to believe that this year we are reminded how human we are, but that the power of offering up something to the Higher Power as a gesture never goes unnoticed.  We learn in Torah that sin offerings were unblemished animals from the finest flock.  Since we no longer practice animal sacrifice, the Jewish custom is to daven (pray).  Here we have the opportunity to sacrifice our time and energy (when we might rather be doing something else) but instead we turn to God and commune.  What will we give up this year in honor of God?  What will we need to hold back from doing in order to strengthen our character?   I can’t help but think about the massive amount of sleep I’m about to sacrifice….!
  • TO LIVE: Another treat!  What a juicy term for this year!  So far, all the words we’ve listed are reemphasized here.   It is time to live our lives to the fullest, and not hold back.  What has been keeping us from thriving and doing that which we love?  Are we ready to go for what fulfills us?  Looks like we have a GREAT opportunity this year to be uplifted and encouraged to do that which we have longed to do.  How exciting for us all!
  • TO HURT:  We can see quite a bit of dichotomy with these words – but we shouldn’t be surprised.  Live in itself doesn’t just encompass the good.  How are we to know TRUE JOY if we never hurt?  I am reminded of a Jewish wedding ceremony – the most joyous of occasions concludes  with a somber moment of the breaking of the glass.  May we remember the struggles we’ve had this coming year, so that we can live humbly and in gratitude.  We should never forget where we’ve come from.


Associated with the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, this year’s sephoratic energy will be guided by:


Fifth attribute on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

Click here to learn more about Gevurah


This year, we must pull ourselves up from our bootstraps and LIVE.   We must no longer hide away or feel afraid of stepping out into the lime light.  We mustn’t forget the pain and grief we’ve overcome, and allow our joy to be that much sweeter.  We can take all the things we have learned along the way and begin to weave them into our next phase in life.  Let us take a good look at where we are in our lives this new year, and begin to ask the questions – Am I where I need to be?  Am I living fully?  What can I give up this year to be a better person?

Wishing you the sweetest and most profound year of them all,


Gematria Source:


One response to “The Meaning of 5774

  1. Hi, I am writing extensively about words, doing a walk through Babel, and came, with serendipity, to your site, about gematria and the numbers for our New Year. I just got a Shalom card. The way the M was written it is clear there are two 77’s and it’s too bad I canot send this to you, to see, but it is beautiful, given the number of our New Year. There is a deep deep alchemy to the Hebrew letters, and a Story, that I know, is about how, in a very remarkable way, In the Beginning Was the WORD. Not so unexpected, given our ancient wheel of letters, gematria, and what is written about the Hebrew letters. Shall OM!

    in truth/ruth

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