Returning & Remembering


It has been a beautiful two-week Spring break.  My husband Yosef and I drove down to see my family in Arizona to celebrate the Chag (Passover) – dad and I lead the seder the first night, and were off to our family Rabbi and his wife’s home for a fun-filled second night.  Since Yosef now works for the university (as the Director of Undergraduate Admissions!), he gets off for Jewish holidays as well.  How awesome is that?!  So we had plenty of time to relax, eat matzah brei, and spend time with family and friends.  Were you set free this year?

I can’t say that I got much school work done over the last two weeks, as catching up on sleep seemed to be my daily activity.  Celebrating Yosef’s first paycheck after a long hiatus, we  painted our apartment, trying to make it feel a little more cozy….since we have a BABY ON THE WAY!  We are towards the end of our first trimester, and could not be more excited.  I’m thrilled to share the news with you! More on that to come.

So, today is the first day back from break, and since its still rather early, the campus is just started to get a little buzz.  All things will be in full swing by the afternoon.  I’m on campus extra early this Monday morning because today we commemorate all those who perished in the Holocaust, Yom Hashoah.  This morning at 7am, we held our standard shachrit and Torah service, but with additional readings and silent candle lighting ceremony. It was very moving to share in the memory of the 6 million with this beautiful Jewish community.  The honest solemness that befell us was a thick cloud you could almost touch.  It reminds me of how deeply grateful I am, and fortunate I am to be able to sit here today, study Torah and practice Judaism freely.  I admit I often take it for granted.  But thankfully, we have such rich cultural traditions and holidays that remind us just how blessed we are to be able to call our selves Jews – as we are alive and well today.  Now THAT is a miracle!

It is hard to believe that there is only about 6 weeks left of the semester.  That means, time to get serious!  Papers to write and presentations to give….there will be much to do every day.  But, as my father reminds me –  JUST BREATHE! And it will work out just fine.

There will be more to come.  Nice to get a little update out there.  I send you all warmth and love on this memorial day – perhaps we can all take a moment and pause to reflect at just how blessed we truly are.

All my best,





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