Rosh Hodesh Adar: Time to Rejoice!

“When Adar arrives, we increase our joy.” (Talmud – Taanit 29a)

Here’s a sneak peak at our Hallel service this morning at Ziegler.  Fun!


  • The Hebrew month of Adar is synonymous with joy because Adar has traditionally been a month of hope and good luck for the Jewish people.
  • Adar is the last of the months on the Jewish calendar, and in this way represents completion.
  • The sages say that Adar is the best month to try to remove your personal barriers to holiness. And by removing those barriers, you create the potential for the greatest joy.
  • The astrological sign of Adar is the Fish (Dagim in Hebrew, or Pisces). This was a sign of fruitfulness and bounty – and good luck. The Dagim are also a hint to the holiday of Purim: the topsy-turvy turn-around of events in Purim is symbolized in the two fish swimming in opposite directions.

May this be an uplifting month! With great success, joy and laughter.  

Shavua Tov!






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