Shabbos on Campus!

What a success!

Last night I held my first ever Shabbat on Campus program for AJU resident life.  Over a dozen of us gathered on the 2nd floor of what’s known as ‘Lee Lounge’  for an evening of singing, connecting and sharing.2.1.13 Shabbos on Campus 7

2.1.13 Shabbos on Campus 4Sitting in a circle, we began our evening reflecting on the personal meaning of Shabbat, giving us each an opportunity to share.  Interesting how similar our responses were! Family, friends, singing, relaxing, connecting were common words heard.

We sang loud and proud! For next time, we need more drums!  Together we lit candles, held a ‘Lecha Dodi’ sing-off, experienced a Shema meditation and enjoyed sparkling grape juice for kiddish.2.1

Tummies’ growling, it was time to go down stairs to wash, make motzi, and dig in to our beautifully prepared Shabbos meal.

shabb dinner

I don’t have an official title here on campus, but the role is in the works. The students of AJU are speaking loudly, and a program like this is already showing positive effects.  I am honored to be participating in this experience…and I am so grateful to my mentor, Jacob Gown (Director of Res. Life) for encouraging to run with it.

Stay tuned, more on J✡Life soon!

….now for some Humash homework…


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