Spring Semester Springs Forth!

Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Rabbi Menachem Creditor shares his insight on the topic of Judaism and Intermarriage.

Greetings Friends!

The Rabbinic journey continues, as today marked the first day back at school! The 2013 Spring semester has begun, and it was more than fantastic to see all the returning smiling faces on campus.  All-nighters, enriching insight and community togetherness…is already happening and it was only the first day!

kaplan flameTo be honest, today was a huge milestone for me – as my philosophy paper from last semester’s class with Rabbi Artson, was due.  We were all given extensions for this 10-15 page daunting (yet incredibly exciting) task….and at 5:35 this morning, I officially hit send.

It is not that I procrastinated in getting this piece of work in on time – but rather I was so overloaded with text and materials (and a winter break to attend to!), it was hard to figure out where to start! This was truly like no other paper I have ever written…


New Student Orientation

Not to mention, all last week I helped run student orientation for all new undergrads here on campus. This was my first official step into working with AJU – and I am positive in what the future brings for more of that!

But what was especially rewarding today, was the all-rab-school  discussion/study program, which allows all students to engage each other in important Jewish issues of today.  Rabbi Artson started us off with an AWESOME Q&A (check out the podcast here!) – and Rabbi Peretz introduced our guest speaker, Rabbi Menachem Creditor, who is a  brilliantly wonderful, soulful teacher, and it was a pure treat to have him! (Come back!!!)

Rabbi Menachem Creditor2

Thanks Reb Menachem! We were all engaged with you.

Our discussion topic this semester  is Judaism & Interfaith Marriage.  To do or not to do? That is the question.

I will admit that conversations got a little heated today, but they were completely safe, encouraged and important – as not all Jews…not all Rabbis…agree.

I have a feeling this semester is going to be absolutely incredible.  It is fun to  be in a new role here on campus, and at the same time, finally feel adjusted to life as a student. I could not be more grateful!

Thanks for being on the journey with me! 1 semester down, 11 to go!



2 responses to “Spring Semester Springs Forth!

  1. Hi Aviva. Thanks for the latest update. Congratulations on the student orientation position. I know you will achieve success.

    What a discussion topic! I should have guessed there would be fireworks at rabbinic school, after all, two Jews, three opinions!

    Once again, we are overdue on getting together. Since you were up all night, I won’t call you today. Hope to talk to you soon. Take care, Colin


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