Learning & Libations – Session #1

Ein Kemach, Ein Torah

Rabbi Elazar ben Azaria said:

Where there is no Torah,
there is no derekh eretz;
where there is no derekh erets,
there is no Torah.

Where there is no wisdom,
there is no awe [of God];
where there is no awe [of God],
there is no wisdom.

Where there is no understanding,
there is no knowledge;
Where there is no knowledge,
there is no understanding.

Where there is no flour,
there is no Torah;
Where there is no Torah,
there is no flour.

-Pirke Avot 3:17

This was part of our study text last night, at the first young adults ‘Learning & Libations” through Valley Beth Shalom’s VBS NextGen program.  As a way to help strengthen Jewish community and learning, several of us gathered last night for our first of the monthly LEARN & LIBATE – facilitated by a fellow Rab student, upper-classman Sarah Shulman (VBS intern).

This cycle’s theme is: ALL ABOUT THE FOOD.

Over the course of the next several months, we will come together to discuss, learn and share in the world of Judaism and Foods – everything from kashrut, to spiritual eating, to practices of Passover and beyond …. all tied together with Torah texts, stories and fun activities.

Wow, it’s almost like a Hebrew school for grown ups! Only FUN!

Tonight’s question began with:  What food is like the recipe of your life?  If you were to pick a food that could best describe you and who you are, what would it be?

What a great question!  I was surprised what I answered the question with – but there is no other dish that has more meaning and comfort than….Luchsen Kugel. The recipe runs deep within my family’s veins.  The image above is what each one of us said!

The night continued with great dialogue, breakout discussions, sharing….and of course some  libations! The text at the top of this blog, Ein Kemach Ein Torah was a big part to our evening.   Take a look at the last line again, and consider for a moment, why FLOUR?  Why not something else?  I would love to see your thoughts below!

Stay tuned….ALWAYS more to come….


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