WHY GOD??? A Story of Torah & Teffilin

Dear God,

First off, thank you so much for instilling in me the ability to read Torah. It is truly a gift and a pleasure to do so.  But…today, I have reservations.
Why, oh WHY would you give one of the most prestigious Rabbis an aliyah WHEN I READ??? Not only was I not able to find my reading in the Torah (fit for a MOUSE to read), but he had to.  Then, I was unable to keep the holy scroll open, having to burden him with asking him to hold it down.  As I began to chant rather quickly do to the enormous booming energy standing to my right, my teffilin slowly began to creep down in front of my face.  As I lifted my head in the final chant of the words to then hear the final blessing…I go to shake the Rebbes hand – as the teffilin has now drooped to cover my NOSE – but tangled up between the podium, the gabbis and the rabbi  – I am unable to adjust myself, awkwardly sequestering myself out of the situation – only to officially realize that my head-piece, in fact, is way too big for me.  And there was nothing I could do about it.

All and all the reading went well, but if you’ve ever tried to wear pants 3 sizes too big without a belt in public while speaking to the President, then you know how I felt.  Yah…pretty amazing!


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