Rabbinic Journey Reflection; The Journey So Far

Well, we are officially a month in to this incredible yet intense journey.  There is already SO much to do!  But fortunately, the cadence easing into the depths of learning is eased a bit by the massive amounts of holidays.   So far we’ve had off several days for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur…and now a few for Sukkot, Shmini Azeret and Simchat Torah.  SO MUCH CELEBRATION!  But don’t worry….there has been PLENTY of class time.


As you can see from the photo above….its busy, engaging, intimate and intense.  Since we are such a small school, most week days after classes, all students meet in our (Beit Midrash) sanctuary (photo above) to take a deeper look at the ancient and holy texts.  Here we prepare for our next day classes together as groups (called CHEV’RU’TAH).  One’s ‘chevrutah’ can be one of the most important components to the learning process and rabbinic journey.  I feel doubly blessed with my group.  Karen and Tova are incredible talmidot (students) to learn and study with.  

Since the material that we are studying is primarily in Hebrew (Mishnah, which is the retelling of the Torah & Bible) I spend most of my days mastering the language.  I have Conversational/Grammatical Hebrew every day, and my Rabbinic Literature course as well as my Bible (Humash/Tanach) class really turns out to be primarily Biblical Hebrew.  So fortunately, there is a really nice blend of all the courses.

My wonderful Hebrew teachers Rabbi Ronni Cohen & Mira Rosenthal

My favorite (and most challenging class) of them all is Intro to Philosophy – LEARN HOW TO BE A GREAT THINKER!  I have this course once a week with Rabbi Artson – and I am blown away more and more.  Currently we are studying many ancient and modern philosophers  all on the view of God.  My brain is stretching in growing in ways I never thought possible.  The good news is, is that it is making me ask more questions.  Luckily, that’s the whole point! Class is full of soulful nectar and it leaves me chewing for days on end.

Aside from all my course work, we have lot of time for prayer.  Praying is a HUGE part of the Rabbinic path, as it is done 3 times a day.  Here at school , we pray together every morning and afternoon.  It is bringing up a lot for me, and soon, I’ll write more on that.

Overall, I am blissed out.  I am in love with the faculty, the material, my fellow colleagues, the campus….I am so grateful.   And now, I get to celebrate SUKKOT!  The most joyful time of year.  I’m grateful to reflect on the journey so far, and eat some wonderful meals with all my new friends.

Thanks for staying posted.  Do you have questions about Rabbinical school or Jewish life?  Feel free to email me at avivafunke@gmail.com

More to come!   Chag Semach!

Love, Aviva


One response to “Rabbinic Journey Reflection; The Journey So Far

  1. So beautiful, Aviva! IYou are so generous to share your journey and details about your studies with us. I find it wonderful to learn about this mysterious age-old process told through the lens of a strong, intelligent, modern woman blazing a trail that’s uniquely her own!! <33 Chag Sameach!

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