Preparing for Yuntiv – Vegan Challah!

The smell of Shabbos & Yuntiv (holy days) are in the air.   Literally!  After baking my very first vegan challah – I can tell you the holidays have officially begun! There is something about challah that just nurtures a Jewish girl’s (and boy’s!) heart.

However, finding alternatives to the sugar-filled, egg-based loaves presented a little bit of a challenge. The recipes out there seemed fair, but I wasn’t interested in using FAKE EGGS or WHITE SUGAR. I really wanted a loaf of bread that consisted of naked ingredients to bring in the New Year.

So, I found a recipe on VEGKITCHEN.COM  (found here:  however since this recipe calls for white sugar, I had to become  a little more scientific since I prefer to use RAW AGAVE.

E-HOW.COM (article here: has an incredible remedy for using agave instead of sugar – props to the scientist!  With a step-by-step list of instructions, you can figure out how to replace your beloved sweet treat recipes with agave!

If you plan on using the vegan recipe for challah linked above, I used 1/6 cup of agave (1/2 of a 1/3 cup).    I added a little extra oil and water when I began adding the flour to the dough.  I also watered down a little agave and used it as a glaze to bring in that Challah-lovin’ shine.

IT TASTES DELICIOUS!!!!!  I am SUPER thrilled.  Next time, I’ll work a little more on the glaze….but for now, I’m completely satisfied.  Enjoy your Shabbos and the ending of 5772!  Shabbat Shalom v’L’shana Tova!


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