Orientation Day 1: Welcoming & Connecting

Well, it’s OFFICIAL!  I am now IN RABBINICAL school!  I still can’t believe the time has come, but yes, it is true, the program has BEGUN!

This afternoon all new students were invited over to our dean’s home for lunch, meet & greet and some words of encouragement and inspiration to get us going.  It is so wonderful that with a school like this, how present, available and how family-life all the faculty is.  Today, I met my new family….and we are in for a looonngggg and beautiful journey ahead!

The rabbinic program is a 5 year program than can take up to 7 (or more??) years to complete.  This is not like going to grad school – or getting a law degree.  These are the people I will pray with, discuss with, agree and disagree with – and celebrate God with for the next many many years to come.

I truly feel honored to be having this experience, and I am humbled to accept the role & responsibilities included!     Here are some fun photos – with much more to come!

Prayer @ 7:30 am tomorrow!




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