So it begins…


 Wow!  How exciting to finally be writing this post.  The time has come – and today is the very first day of my 5-6 year Rabbinic journey.  Women have been in the rabbinate for over 40 years (and I’m sure a little longer than that in some parts of the world) – but in all reality- for a religion thousands of years old….we have only just begun.  In a rabbinic program of mostly women (American Jewish University) I am excited to be part of this swinging curve!

It has only been in the last several years that I have begun to seriously pursue the journey into being a rabbi.  I have always been involved in Jewish communities and organizations – and I have been actively engaged in the art of healing and the realms of spirituality.  I am excited to venture down the road to “know my people better” and find ways to help shift our ancient practices to supporting people of today.

I hope you enjoy my sharings – as I truly looking forward to documenting and sharing this process of Becoming Rabbi – A Woman’s Account of Approaching the Rabbinate.

Stay tuned!  Coming up – a 3 day intensive for all new rabbinic students.  Who has been called in to sacred circle together??

In joy & shalom,



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